Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Crafting with Audrey Hepburn

Last Wednesday was the first day of my junior year of college (which seems surreal). It was a rainy day and I only had one class, my first college art class. So when I got back to the room, I was in this fun, artsy, "i need to be crafty" mood. I made a fresh cup of coffee- with hazelnut creamer- of course, and put on the old black and white "Sabrina" with Audrey Hepburn. I grabbed my supplies and set to work on today's craft idea! I saw something similar to this on Pinterest, where someone took an old book/newspaper page and made a card out of it by adding a drawing little girl with a red umbrella over the old font.

For this project you'll need:
~a blank canvas
~an old book or newsprint
~mod podge
~a little paint
~sharpies! (very useful friends.)

I personally used a book that I LOVE, "Hinds Feet on High Places". It's a book I've written in, underlined, drawn in, and accidently gotten wet at one point. Needless to say it was falling apart. So, I found some of my favorite pages and quotes and pulled them out of the binding. Some of the pages, I ripped into smaller pieces, making the focal point a quote I love or a certain sentence that stands out. Then I mod podged those pages onto the canvas until it was covered...

After the mod podge dried, I used a sharpie to draw a simple sketch young lady walking in the rain with an umbrella. I looked up a couple different ideas, pictures and sketches and combined a few of them to make the girl on the bottom left hand side of this canvas!

Then I grabbed some red, black, crimson, and white paint (my life as an EEE) and tried to lightly fill in the dress, boots, hair, and umbrella. I used a thicker sharpie to write the quote at the top-now I've learned that I'm really not good at spacing and symmetry when it comes to writing. But my friend, Skylar is! So from now on, I should get her help. :)

And here is the finished product! The verse is from Proverbs 31, about the characteristics of a precious and honorable woman who fears the Lord. Characteristics I need to be reminded of consistently! I hope this post is helpful! Enjoy crafting away- I would definitely recommend watching a good, classic movie while you craft and possible some coffee. :) Maybe next time, I'll watch Father of the Bride or While You Were Sleeping.