Friday, July 9, 2010

chocolate chip cookie summer.

The "week of firsts" was so fun! I love how my mom and I are legitimately best friends, she blesses me so MUCH! I loved spending that time with her in Alaska!
The half marathon was so exciting! It was beautiful to run through forests, by the ocean, and around Anchorage!The last mile of the race involved a final hill and rain!
It was just incredible. The day after, we went sea kayaking around glaciers. I feel like I lost my breath consistently all day because the views were so unreal.

and GOOD NEWS! My mom, my brother, AND my dad and I are going to run the DISNEY half marathon in January, Lord willing! Isn't that so exciting??!

Since my last post, I saw several college friends during a little road trip though Arkansas, attended one of the most fun, happy weddings, worked the FCA camp at Mizzou, and saw "Wicked" at the Fox Theater in St. Louis.

I'm now working at Kanakuk K-7 and I'm on a 2-4 (24 hours off the leave Kamp and rest!)

Why working at K-7 is awesome:

~constant cheering "Ooo eee, we all live in teepees!"
~teaching classes like canoe, zip line, and soccer
~dressing up in goofy costumes
~dancing like a "K-rated" maniac at the parties
~kids say the coolest stuff!
~learning from the leadership, staff, and kids!!!
~always on the go
~rain doesn't stop K-7! everything continues like usual
~scripture is essential
~RELATIONSHIPS you build with kampers, your co, the staff, and leadership
~consistent energy and uplifting encouragement!
~ learning how to pray and pray constantly! and how little I do and how much God does.

on that last note...I would love to count any success and joy to own ability/personality. But here's the truth. God does it all. I will not show a single kamper Christ this summer, I will not bring a single one to the Lord. He will do it through me if that is His plan! My biggest job at Kamp is to let the Holy Spirit flow through me! I need God to make me soft to His will and work, instead of stubborn to what I want.
more good news: my God is PATIENT and He never gives up or tells me I'm too difficult. He is just so good, I want to know Him more and fall deeply deeply in love with Him. He is extreme, radical, faithful, awesome, unpredictable, patient, loving, constant. Hey yall? That's my God :)


  1. I love our God! We are so little and so undeserving of his BIG and mighty love. What an awesome privaledge we have to be a part if his great work. :)

  2. I love our God! :) His love for us is so great and we are so undeserving of it! It sounds like the Lord is blessing you with some amazing experiences this summer Karis. Keep on living for Him! :)