Saturday, April 2, 2011

Dreamer not a Planner

My friend, Polly, reminded me of something very important once. "Karis is a dreamer, not a planner. She comes up with so many ideas, many of which never happen."

She couldn't be more right! I started making memos in my phone for fun ideas for gifts, dates, road trips, crafts, and more. But truthfully, 90% of those dreams never become a reality. I've also really enjoyed blogs as of late. So, putting those two together, I thought maybe blogging would help me make some of my thoughts and ideas a reality. Whether I get around to doing them myself and I can share the story or throw ideas out there for others to use if they want, it's a win win situation.

For the first blog: a date idea.

I'm dating one of my best friends. It is a
blast and blessing. His name is Brandon
and he's really good at making life fun and

Last fall, he was having a pretty stressful week. While walking back from sonic and verbally processing all of these thoughts and worries, we decided to set aside one hour that night: one stress-free, no homework allowed, cell phone off hour.
I got the opportunity to decide what we were going to do in that time so it would be a surprise for him! So, I went to Walmart and bought:
~ a big, plain white sheet
~ paint
~ and foam plates.
I ran back to my room and gathered duct tape and old blanket and towel and threw it in the back of my car.

I told him to wear old clothes and put on the blind fold I provided. Playing music in the car and talking, I drove us to Lake Degray (where there is a big parking lot with lots of lights).
I had him sit in the car with his blindfold while I attempted to duct tape the sheet to the ground but it works better if you just weight it there with some rocks and heavier objects in the corners. After squirting paint out on the plates, I led Brandon out of the car and took off his blindfold.
The only real rule was, no paintbrushes? Use your hands, feet, roll around, throw paint, just make a masterpiece with what you have. :) (life lesson there?)
The result was awesome! It reminded Jackson Pollock type of painting! And of course we were covered in paint ourselves. Which is basically inevitable but really cool looking! As my very good friend, Bethany, would say, "what a beautiful mess" :) (you can see Brandon's blue footprints in the top right hand corner- he tried to get them all the way across but the blue paint ran out)
After we finished, the lake came in handy, seeing as we were absolutely plastered in color. :)
So ..."here's to lookin at you kid." One of my favorite dates.

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  1. I love this!! :) you are so creative! I am going to have you start plannning me and Tylers dates!! Love you!