Saturday, July 23, 2011

personal crafting

Another craft idea :)

Hobby Lobby. Maybe one of my new favorite stores and probably the place I am most tempted to spend money. The other day, my sister and I decided to redecorate part of her room. She saved her own money and bought a few classy but inexpensive suppli
es to make a better space to display special drawings and pictures she saved. When we walked into Hobby Lobby, several "wall letters" were on sale.
So, of course I ended up buying eight separate "E"s. Half of them were more extravagant but the other half were plain, flat "E"s that would be very easy to craft with- making a fun little gift for some of my pledge sisters.

They were originally gray so I painted them each a deep, rich red.

After the paint dries, I printed off several small pictures of some of my favorite memories in the past two years of being an E with my amazing pledge sisters.
I cut most of the pictures out but tore some of them for a rougher, different look. Then modge podge
the pictures on the "E"s. :)

I used glitter modge podge which was really fun it sometimes got in the way of the pictures. I like the way it looks but when I do this again, I think I'll use regular modge podge. Here's the finished product... :)

You could do this with any letter or experience, it's special and personal and really easy to do :)

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