Tuesday, September 6, 2011

~birthday menu~

Today's post is brought to you by my suite mate- Taylor and the creativity of her boyfriend, Ryan.

My wonderful suite mate, Taylor Stanford and I have been friends since the beginning of our freshman year at Ouachita, bonding over TWIRP week, intramural flag football ("Ching-a-Lacka Chicks" -clever? I thought so too.), and eventually pledging EEE together in the spring.
I remember meeting Taylor at OBU's new student retreat and she was so beautiful and dolled up with this thick Arkansas accent, I thought "She's one of those Southern Belles who I'll never really get to know probably." And she turned out to be one of my very best friends. This girl is an incredibly hard working Chemistry major with a beautiful voice, a sweet and selfless spirit, a heart for other people. She strives to be excellent in everything she does. And as you can see, she's just gorgeous. So yes, she's a Southern Belle, but an extremely bright, loving, Christ-like Southern Belle who happens to be very close to my heart.

That's my little back story for today's blog: a date/gift idea. Taylor is dating my friend, Ryan- a very involved, funny, creative guy here at Ouachita. Oh, and he was elected "Mr. Tiger" last year. Well, last week was Taylor's birthday and Ryan went the extra mile to be creative and make his gift unique and special.
Taylor came in the other morning with a confused expression and an envelope of Monopoly money with a note that said, "get excited!" Ryan wouldn't tell her what the money was for but wanted to see her later that night...
She came back into the room that night with a "Birthday Menu"...

Inside, Ryan had given her several options and categories with which to use her Monopoly money! He split it into a food, weekend get away, and active category! He did this for Labor Day weekend so they would actually have time to really do several of the options. He didn't skimp on the "money" or the generosity. He told her she could do as many of the options as she wanted. :) Good idea, right?
I hope this is helpful and fun! She was thrilled and I know they had an awesome time, especially with a progressive dinner in Little Rock!
That's all for today's post- again, this was brought to you by my suite mate, Taylor and the creativity of her boyfriend, Ryan. Have a good one!

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  1. What a neat idea!!! I might have to do this for Tyler :)