Monday, September 19, 2011

He danced with "Cinderella"

I'm watching Tangled.
Eating princess fruitsnacks (tastes like childhood).
I just got back from EEE tiger tunes.

I'm in a very Disney mood!

Girls, you know those days where you just want to put on
a pretty dress, sweet shoes, and work extra hard on your hair? I think the deep down root of that feeling is the desire to be a princess for the day. Don't you?
Or when you're a little girl and you put on your Easter dress or your ballerina outfit or even your dad's big shirt and twirl because you KNOW you are Belle in the enchanted ballroom?

Yesterday was my dad's birthday, the man who has always made me feel like his special princess. One day, when I was about four or five years old, I determined to do a beautiful ballerina dance with my dad. He had been working all day long from early in the morning and came home to have his daughter throw herself at him, begging him to dance with her. He was so kind, put on his Sunday clothes and waited for me. I pieced together what I thought was a beautiful outfit and dictated to him exactly how the dance should go. He spent time working with me on our dance, letting me fix his outfit, and then performing for my mom and brother. (I don't think Margie was around yet). I loved how he could so effortlessly pick me up and spin me around our living room. This is one of the sweetest memories I have with my incredible dad. He is so good to me, making time to take care of me and provide. Even if it's a silly dance with an insistent, perfectionist five year old. He's the most amazing man I know and I love him more then I can say.

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